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Core Technologies is a Manufacturer's Representative Firm, in operation along the Eastern Seaboard.  Through a network of five independent offices, we provide Sales and Support for a group of manufacturers of Test Equipment products. Our primary area of expertise lies in test equipment products designed for the communications Industry. Our primary customer base consists of Telephone Service Providers, Communications Equipment Manufacturers, State and Local Government, and the End-users who make up the Enterprise segment of the market. Core Technologies addresses and serves three major Geographical Market segments:

  • New England

  • Greater New York/NJ Metro

  • Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic

And four major Market Verticals:

  • Service Providers

  • Network Equipment Manufacturers

  • End-User / Enterprise Networks

  • Federal, State, and Local Government

Please contact us to arrange a personal consultation or for more information.

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Testing Tomorrow's Technologies, Today

From POTS to 40 Gigabit Optical links; Wireline and Wireless; Wi-Fi and Cellular:

Core Technologies is involved in test, design and development issues throughout the R&D, Manufacturing, Deployment, and Maintenance phases of product development.

Product - Technology Spotlight

Ixia has officially announced two important launches: Visibility Architecture and NTO 7300 platform.

Ixia’s Visibility Architecture easily integrates into data center environments to help enterprises and service providers achieve greater visibility into and performance for rapidly growing complex networks. The architecture helps eliminate blind spots and supports business agility by providing actionable insights into performance degradations and potential security issues as the network grows. 

In addition Ixia has released NTO 7300, a key component of the Visibility Architecture, which provides industry leading density, scalability, and unified visibility capabilities that enable I.T. unprecedented ability to leapfrog their competition and manage rapid change.

7U Chassis with 6 Slots
Best Density in the Industry! (548G/U)
384 Ports of 10Gb (via 40Gb breakout)
288 Ports of Native 10Gb SFP+
96 Ports of 40Gb
24 Ports of 100Gb


High Availability Design
Redundant Fans
Redundant DC Power (1U AC Shelf)
Redundant Supervisors
Hot-Swap Capable (Post-RTS)


Switching Capacity: 3.8Tb/s
Control Tower Ready
NEBS 3 Ready

 Learn more

Read Visibility Architecture Solution Brief

Download NTO 7300 Data Sheet



ProfiShark 1G All-in-One Gigabit Ethernet Troubleshooter

A Unique Solution for Field Testing and Monitoring

ProfiShark 1G Gigabit Ethernet field tester

Introducing The ProfiShark 1G.

A handheld plug and play device dedicated to in-line Gigabit Ethernet monitoring. It facilitates field traffic capture and troubleshooting. It is equivalent to a 10/100/1G aggregator tap and two 1 Gbps NICs. All-in-one in a pocket-sized box, not much larger than a box of cigarettes.  The only additional hardware required being a laptop or desktop PC with a free USB 3.0 port.

Based on USB 3.0 (5 Gbps), the ProfiShark 1G manages full-duplex gigabit at wirespeed, without the bottleneck of an aggregator tap. It also surpasses all standard NICs in capture mode, as it catches any tag and encapsulation without altering the frames.

The ProfiShark 1G is the perfect tool for the field engineer as well as for long-term traffic collection.

Featured recently on LoveMyTool.com, an industry blog specializing in test and measurement tools for Network Management and Monitoring.  Read their review of the ProfiShark here

  • 10/100/1G monitoring on USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0 powered, no adapter required
  • Fail-safe monitoring
  • Low delay, low jitter
  • Hardware aggregation
  • 8 ns hardware timestamp
  • Real time statistics
  • Low level error and bandwidth monitoring
  • CRC error capture
  • Capture any packet with any analyzer
  • Direct capture to disk
  • Wireshark
  • OmniPeek
  • Packetyzer
  • OptiView
  • NetSpector
  • NetDecoder
  • Ethertest
  • And many more



Learn More Here>>

Veryx Technologies offers a live Webinar focusing on the latest developments in Test Methodologies aimed at acheiving C.E. 2.0 Network Integrity

Live Webinar


Achieving  CE 2.0 Network Integrity:  A solid foundation to enable the ‘Third Network’

Date: November 5, 2014 Time: 8 a.m PT/ 11 a.m ET  Duration: 1 hour

Register now

Since 2012, Carrier Ethernet 2.0 has been the technology of choice for delivering standard, reliable and manageable business services.  

Service providers striving to achieve CE 2.0 network integrity require state of the art test solution, allowing them to validate interoperability during service design, verify compliance to CE 2.0 and detect potential performance issues during service activation, and ultimately, provide vendor neutral fault management tools and performance monitoring portals during the entire service lifecycle.

Most recently and building upon the strengths of CE 2.0 and the agility of the Internet, telecommunication networks are evolving to enable more flexible, dynamic and on-demand services, giving rise to a whole new set of network testing requirements. Also, MEF has announced the ‘Third Network’ initiative to enable Agile, Assured, and Orchestrated services between physical and virtual service endpoints using existing networks, as well as NFV, and SDN.

This Webinar will reveal:

-    A new approach to optimize CE 2.0 service design
-    Cutting-edge test methodologies for service activation
-    Proactive means to detect and diagnose service degradation
-    How to increase availability using automated diagnostics and assisted troubleshooting
-    Innovative test solutions designed to follow the evolution from CE 2.0 to the ‘Third Network’ paradigm. 

Register now to attend live event

Who should attend?

Carrier Ethernet Network Architects, Product Managers, Network Operations and wholesale access teams.


Isabelle Morency
Vice President – Engineering
Veryx Technologies Inc


 Isabelle-Grey BG 100x100Isabelle leads the SAMTEST pre-sales team at Veryx. In her previous assignment, she was the Chief Academic Officer at the Carrier Ethernet Academy, a MEF Accredited Training Provider specialized in MEF-CECP training. Isabelle also worked at Iometrix as the Vice President of Engineering and Standards, and served as the editor of the CE 1.0 and CE 2.0 test plans used for the MEF equipment vendor and service provider certification programs.  Isabelle began her career at Teleglobe (later acquired by Tata Communications). She has received outstanding contributor awards at MEF, Broadband Forum and IEEE and has contributed on a variety of technical specifications.


Having trouble viewing Seminar info? 

Click Here to be directed directly to the Veryx Site and Registration link.


Core Technologies welcomes Edward Seth

Core Technologies is pleased introduce our newest team member, Edward Seth.  Edward joined Core Technologies on August 1st.  Ed's primary responsibility will be to spearhead Core Technologies' expansion into the new and rapidly growing marketplace for network and security optimization tools -- a group of products and technologies we're calling the Network Infrastructure Products.  

Ed has 20 years experience in increasingly responsible roles in Sales at several Internet/Networking companies. Ed's experience and contacts within the Private and Enterprise Networking sectors will help accelerate Core's involvement in this rapidly growing segment of Core Technologies' portfolio.

In his most recent position, Ed was the Director of the Intelligent Distribution Systems (IDS) Sales at Top Layer Networks (now called Corero Network Security).  In that role, Ed was responsible for developing Top Layer's Enterprise Market for equipment that optimized the corporate use of Internet resources.  A class of products designed to increase the efficiency of Internet services through the caching, shaping and aggregation of data. The enterprise IDS market eventually accounted for over 50% of Top Layer's Sales revenues. The products sold at Top Layer were considered the first generation of IDS products.

Ed acted as Business Development Manager at Blue Coat Systems (formerly known as CacheFlow Systems).  While there, Ed partnered with leading Computer (HP, Compaq, Dell) and Telecommunications Companies (Lucent, Avaya, Notrthern Telcom) to introduce the technology of web caching and security to the enterprise market.  The focus of Ed's role at Blue Coat was to transition web management and QoS provision away from the Internet Service Provider's into the corporate IT domain.

While he was the US Networks Sales Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Ed managed the sale of all network products to the enterprise market.  As early computer technology shifted from engineering-based computing to enterprise-grade client/server systems, Ed's network group supported the sale and installation of network management tools to corporate computing groups (the precursor to what is now commonly termed the Enterprise market).

Ed's experience is enhanced by his Bachelor's Degree in Business from La Roche College and his Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Southern Methodist University. Ed lives in Grafton, MA, just outside of Boston.  Please join me in welcoming Ed to our team.






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